Federated Suns


The Federated Suns has traditionally been the most powerful and largest of the Successor States to occupy the Inner Sphere. From their ancestral home of New Avalon, the scions of House Davion have ruled the Federated Suns since its founding by Lucien Davion in 2317. While tracing their family line to French and English nobility of ancient Terra and ruling as constitutional monarchs, the Davions have always positioned themselves and the Federated Suns as champions of liberty, democracy and personal freedoms in the Inner Sphere. This view has bred a sense of righteousness in the Davion cause, serving as both a source of strength and weakness during their history.


  • A character from the Federated Suns will speak English as his/her Native Language.
    • As with all other Inner Sphere Houses, ethnicity has little to no bearing on the relationship with the Native Language of the House. Ethnic diversity is the norm with humanity.
  • For a secondary language the character can select from
    • French
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Russian
  • A Federated Suns character speaks a second language for free at character creation


  • Anything related to tension between “civilized” core worlds and “rustic” rim ward worlds – city vs country, urban vs rural, white collar vs blue collar, college/university/academy education vs practical and trade based education, aristocratic vs populist
  • Anything related to a general arrogance and condescension to anything considered “inferior” to the Federated Suns way of doing things
  • Anything related to a need to spread Federated Suns cultural hegemony over others (due to the superiority of Federated Suns culture over native/indigenous cultures
  • Federated Suns characters tend to either be aristocrats or blue collar and the two usually don’t fully mix – although both give lip service to liberty, individual merit, etc.

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Federated Suns

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