Free Worlds League


The Free Worlds League was one of the five Successor States of the Inner Sphere. The oldest of the Successor States, it was also the most democratic, although for much of its history it was ruled under martial law by a Captain-General. This post was almost always held by a member of House Marik, descendents of Austro-Hungarian nobility, by custom if not by law. The Free Worlds League was mercantile and multicultural, with strong European, Asian, American and Indian influences. It also traditionally offered great autonomy to its component regions, which served as both a source of strength and weakness for the League.


  • A character from the Free Worlds League will speak English as his/her Native Language.
    • As with all other Inner Sphere Houses, ethnicity has little to no bearing on the relationship with the Native Language of the House. Ethnic diversity is the norm with humanity.
  • For a secondary language the character can select from
    • Greek
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Mandarin
    • Mongolian
    • Romanian
    • Slovak
    • Spanish
    • Urdu
  • A Free Worlds League character speaks a second language for free at character creation


  • Anything related to aggressive fortune building (either legally – capitalist – or illegally – mafia, extortion, piracy, whatever) and/or business
  • Anything related to a general hatred of implanted cybernetics or major bodily modifications and/or religious zeal towards a 31st century religion or a dearly held Terran native religion.
  • Anything related to major life events that happen at social gatherings (major upper crust parties, exclusive events at clubs of various stripes – gentleman’s, night, sporting, country, etc.). Individual Free Worlds Leaguers may be introverts, but their society is very much one of gregariousness… success in this society often requires at least “showing up.”

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Free Worlds League

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