Lyran Commonwealth


The Lyran Commonwealth is one of the major Successor State of the Inner Sphere, located in the coreward, anti-spinward region of space relative to Terra, and traditionally regarded as the wealthiest. For the majority of its history, the Lyran capital was located at the Triad on the icy world of Tharkad.

The Lyran Commonwealth is renowned for its strong economy, powerful nobility, and its military policy of promotion based on pedigree as well as talent. Unfortunately for the Lyran state, the promotion of so-called “Social Generals” has resulted in a military of varied capabilities. Even though incompetent “social generals” are not the rule, the prevalence of many poor officers has hindered the Lyran state throughout its history. Additionally, the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces tend to fight defensive campaigns with heavier BattleMechs.

Though the military history of the Commonwealth is filled with missteps, the Lyran state has endured for many hundreds of years based on the capabilities of its industrial base and by the merits of the rare, capable officers produced by the system.


  • A character from the Lyran Commonwealth will speak German as his/her Native Language.
    • As with all other Inner Sphere Houses, ethnicity has little to no bearing on the relationship with the Native Language of the House. Ethnic diversity is the norm with humanity.
  • For a secondary language the character can select from
    • English
    • Italian
    • Scots Gaelic
    • Swedish
  • Unless otherwise indicated by the GM, the second language will be English.


  • Anything related to stoicism towards life, social position, troubles/travails, which can manifest as a seriousness that borders on emotional coldness / frigidness
  • Anything related to the interplay of upper class nobility and lower class “peasants” – those from the lower classes have many ingrained traits reflecting their lower social position (either they accept it or strive to overcome it) – those from the upper classes have a general disdain or inability to relate to the lower classes
  • Anything related to benefits or problems caused by the philosophy of “Money and social status talks” – either taking advantage of it (if upper class) or being crushed by it (if lower class)

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Lyran Commonwealth

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